Primo (GQ)

by 3n`1 Rekcordz

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released March 12, 2014


all rights reserved



3n`1 Rekcordz Tacoma, Washington

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Track Name: Primo - GQ
So you know that its my time to blow. but if i don't then i don't then but if i don't play i wont win.
Track Name: Primo - Love my city more anybody
Say something relevant, intelligence aint heaven, you got to grind to shine heard that been working hard llke ever since.
Track Name: Primo - Sunny in my heart
Thanks be to God. This takes me to when Max B first Came out, and i bought my first car.
Track Name: Primo - How you want it
Fame hunting set out bait and all the boobie traps.
Track Name: Primo - Wavey
Hang Ten rhyme got me cloud surfing cool enough to rap about myslef in third person.
Track Name: Primo - Brothas with sons
When my son is born ima buy him lebrons and jordans
Track Name: Primo - Choosey
She finds me attractive all in my face like Pro Active.
Track Name: Primo - One and a Million
One loyal woman is worth more than a million hoes.
Track Name: Primo - Chatching feelings
Now you want time that i dont have to spend with you stood you up a couple time sorry if i embarrassed you.
Track Name: Primo - Young till i die
Young man, new soul, new money, new goals.
Track Name: Primo - Macin Hangin
I'll take one for the team and i'll get with the chubby girl.
Track Name: Primo - Pilates
Life is but a dream everyday a different theme, balling hard with the squad our team colors is green.
Track Name: Primo - Say yes
You can do side bends or sit up, but please dont lose that fatty. Its something i got to see (si) like im saying yes in spanish
Track Name: Primo - Touch of Gold
Holy father who art in heaven. Can i be apart of your master piece.

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